Publishing Perspectives & Kirkus Launch BEA Edition

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

NEW YORK: Today, Publishing Perspectives and Kirkus Media LLC announced a deal to create a joint print edition at this year’s Book Expo America. The edition will be published on Wednesday, May 26, and bring together the ground-breaking international news reporting of Publishing Perspectives with the long history of exceptional review coverage of Kirkus. “We’re thrilled to be working with …

Will BEA Be Busier Because of London?

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By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead editorial discusses the importance of book fairs — and getting face-to-face interactions with people — even in the digital age. Since so many Americans missed meeting with their European contacts at the London Book Fair this year, do you anticipate BEA will be better attended as a consequence? Are you getting more calls about meetings …

So Many Book Conferences, So Little Time

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By Edward Nawotka This week, while my colleagues were at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York, I was doing something more prosaic: serving jury duty in Houston. As it turns out, you’re not allowed to drive a drag racer on US federal highways. Who knew? The one thing about jury duty is that even though you …

Bonus Material: Should the Public Be Invited to BEA?

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By Edward Nawotka Frankfurt does it…the Bienal do Livro in Brazil does it…lots of other book fairs do it…and the public loves it. So, the question is, should BookExpo America, the premier book event in North America find a way to let in the public to mingle with publishers and buy books.  As discussed in today’s lead article covering the …

EBF/IBF Director Dubruille on Bookselling’s Future

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by Edward Nawotka BRUSSELS: “The problem in Europe is that booksellers don’t know what strategies to use when coping with digitization,” says Françoise Dubruille, director of the European Booksellers Federation and the International Booksellers Federation, “There are 25 languages for 27 countries, there are 27 national cultures and literatures, and not all have the same challenges.” She adds, “One thing …

每周回顾:美洲书展(BookExpo),谷歌,英国卫报黑镇文化节(Hay Festival)

In Chinese, Languages by Hannah Johnson

作者: Edward Nawotka (read English version here) 本周北美正式进入盛夏,成百上千的出版界人士还没有从为期四天的美洲书展(BEA)盛况的热度中恢复过来。 人们对美洲书展的反映不一,有人认为“保持了一贯的水准”,推出了一系列暑期和秋季好书,让读者感到“惊艳”。热门小说将在各大书店上架,其中就有可能包括了畅销作家洛丽·摩尔(Lorrie Moore),帕特·康洛伊(Pat Conroy)和丹·布朗的作品。如果大家认为2009年图书的销售业绩不如人意,那么丹·布朗一定有能力扭转乾坤,就算书店以成本价出售他的《消失的符号》(The Lost Symbol)来吸引读者也会有不俗的成绩。 所以周一我们回顾了书展的盛况,质疑了兰登书屋的展览面积是否与其北美规模最大出版商的地位匹配;也谈到了小型出版商对大公司目前处境幸灾乐祸:“欢迎来到我们的世界”,显然他们认为大公司终于体会到了小出版社的难处。. 周二我们采访了三位欧洲专家,询问他们对于书展的意见。这三位专家是法国加利马出版社国外版权主管安妮-索兰根· 诺贝尔(Anne-Solange Nobel,Gallimard)、波兰克拉科夫书院主管Grzegorz Gauden、西班牙赛维亚出版社国际部主管Patricia Pasades。 周三,英国出版商协会的执行董事Simon Juden表明了自己对于谷歌书籍和解帮助中心(他说,这已算是“差强人意”的了。)和英国经济(不好)的看法,而且透漏目前出版商协会正与英国政府合作打击盗版。 周四,我们的通讯员Tolu Ogunlese从卫报黑镇文化节发回报道。很多出版界巨头都参加了此次文化节,其中包括英国晶冠出版社旗下的年度杰出出版人Jamie Byng,索尼和谷歌也派出了代表,此外还有企鹅出版集团(PFD)的执行总裁卡萝琳·米歇尔(Caroline Michel),他们都虑及了数码图书的未来。 本周特别赠送的精彩视频包括:一位市场策划的采访,这位市场策划曾协助制作黑眼豆豆主唱Will.i.am为奥巴马总统特别拍摄的“Yes We Can”MV,这一音乐作品反响狂热;美洲书展在Tweetup注册开户;介绍暑期独立制作并成为北美电影黑马的《为子搬迁》(Away We Go);回顾上周去世的印度喀拉拉邦诗人Kamala Das;还有一段比较晶冠出版社(Canongate)和大西洋出版社(Atlantic)的视频,这两家出版集团似乎势均力敌,最终都获得了英国国家图书奖的最佳儿童读物奖项。 下周还会有来自德国、南非、加勒比海地区等世界各地的更多报道。祝大家周末愉快。 浏览: 上周大事报道。 联系我们: 告诉我们您身边的创新人物。 转贴地址: 将此网页推荐给朋友。 __________ ESET智能安全保护信息,发现病毒数据库中的4132 (20090604) 病毒__________ 这封信将会受到ESET智能安全保护的检查

Weekly Recap: BookExpo America, Google, UK’s Hay Festival

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By Edward Nawotka (Read the recap in Chinese here) This week marked the official start of summer in North America, and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon for the tens of thousands of American publishing people who were undoubtedly still recovering their voices from the four day extravaganza known as BookExpo America. The consensus on BEA was…no consensus. …

The European Point of View on BEA

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By Edward Nawotka Next year BEA will return to New York City, where it will remain at least through 2012. On the face of it, the decision to stop moving it around seems like a good idea, particularly as travel to New York is cheaper than it has been in recent memory. As a consequence, one constituency Americans may see …

Hashtags and Cocktails

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By Jerome Kramer, special to Publishing Perspectives If you were to judge an industry by its parties, consider this: The last time BEA was held in New York, the “hot” Friday night party was held by Google, the then-reigning king of the future of publishing. This year it was Twitter. “That’s how much things have changed in two years,”said Rebecca …