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We offer a variety of effective advertising formats across our our online presence. Through our global network of connections and readers, we can put your messages in front of key people in the book business.

What to Advertise:
  • Rights catalogues
  • Newly released/forthcoming titles
  • Services and products for the book industry
  • Events, conferences, and book fairs
  • Translation grants
  • Literary export activities
  • Speaking engagements
  • Book fair presences / meeting requests
  • Thought leadership content, including case studies, white papers, and market research
  • Application and registration deadlines
  • And much more!
Ad Formats We Offer:
  • Dedication e-blasts to PP subscribers
  • Integrated ads in email newsletters
  • Email banner ads
  • Book picks for rights buyers
  • Website banner ads
  • Sponsored articles
  • Custom magazines and reports
  • Custom events
  • Ad packages tailored to your budget and goals

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