Best of 2012 (So Far): Editors, Agents, Spanish Language Publishing

In Europe by Hannah Johnson

This week, Publishing Perspectives looks back on the first half of 2012 with stories that changed our perspective and shaped the industry. We will return to our regular publishing schedule next week.Enjoy!

Editors and Agents

Agent Marc Parent

French Editor’s Jump to Agenting “Akin to Treachery”
Former Buchet-Chastel editor Marc Parent is launching a new Paris-based literary agency, in part to help authors make a better living from their writing.

Why a Book Editor Becomes a Literary Agent
Rebecca Carter is leaving Random House to become an agent for Janklow & Nesbit. “My motivation comes from wanting to work with writers on editorial,” she says.

Spanish Language Publishing

The Slow Awakening of E-Books in Spain
Publisher Blanca Rosa Roca says rampant piracy and inflated e-book prices are keeping Spain’s e-book market from really taking off — but change is on its way.

Asymmetry in the Spanish Book World: Spain vs. Latin America
In 2010 Latin America produced nearly as many books as Spain yet absorbed 20% of Spain’s overall production, while Spain took in just 2% of Latin America’s.

Apple Races to Open iBookstore in Latin America, Causing Headaches
The iBookstore is about to open in Latin America, using the Falkland Islands and Guyana to originate sales, but Apple and its suppliers aren’t making it easy.

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