ereaders at the Tokyo Book Fair

SURVEY: How Much of Your Book Consumption is Digital?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

ereaders at the Tokyo Book Fair

E-readers at the Tokyo Book Fair 2011

Routinely in these pages you’ll read survey results from around the world about the increasing consumption of digital books. As today’s feature story looks at the evolution of publishing from print to digital formats, we’d like to get a sense from you, our readers, what percentage of the books you consume are in a digital format.

Since the sampling on the site is likely to draw from countries across the globe, many of which have underdeveloped e-book markets, we believe that this will demonstrate a preponderance of readers who continue to rely on the print format, but we could be wrong. What would be interesting for us to know is if you could tell us what specific types of books you consume in a digital format (use the comments).

Some readers, like MJ Rose, not consume mass market/disposable books in print any longer, opting to go with e-books. I myself find that I am also relying on e-books to provide me with news of current events, political debate, and essayist explorations of timely issues. Print is reserved for something that I know I am likely to refer to for a long time coming. This might include reference books, art books, beloved novels, and books by people that I know and care for, or else have been signed by the author. What about you?

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