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SURVEY: Is it Web or web, Internet or internet, eBook or E-book?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson

ethernet internet cablesThere appears to be little agreement on just how to write out technology-related words. Even the more common words like website and internet are not always written the same way. In 2010, the AP Stylebook declared that “Web site” should now be written as “website.” The Chicago Manual of Style agrees. So why do journalistic institutions like the New York Times still use “Web site” instead?

And remember when the internet was still considered a proper noun? Or is it still the Internet?

When it comes to e-books, you’ll find all varieties of the word, most likely based on personal preference of whoever is writing the text. Both the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style say “e-book” is the proper form. But when it comes to email, AP says you should not use a dash while Chicago says you should write it as “e-mail.”

It’s all so confusing! So what do you think? Take our surveys below and tell us how you write these words.

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