Australian Publishers Association Picks Copia for White Label E-book Program

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The Australian Publishers Association (APA) have picked Copia to provide a white label e-bookselling solution to indie bookstores under APA’s “TitlePage” brand.

From the press release:

Copia Continues Global Expansion and Partners With Australian Publishers Association

Partnership to Provide Customized Branded Solutions for Australian Booksellers and eBook Aggregation and Distribution Services for Australian Publishers and Distributors

New York, NY, March 12, 2012—Today Copia Interactive, LLC — creator of one of the largest, independent, full-featured digital content platforms—announced its partnership with the Australian Publishers Association (APA) and Thorpe-Bowker to equip Australia’s booksellers and their customers with a competitive suite of top-flight eBook and eReader services under the APA’s “TitlePage” brand. As a result, independent bookstores in Australia no longer have to struggle to compete with the resources and technologies of large, global competitors in the eBook marketplace.

The Copia platform is fast becoming the media platform of choice for leading companies and organizations around the world.  In addition to the, Copia powers the eBook platform for Submarino, the number one ecommerce company in Brazil, as well as the eBook platform for over 900 independent college bookstores in the USA.  Numerous other projects in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia are scheduled for release later this year as well.

Utilizing Copia’s technology, the APA will provide differentiating white label solutions for each independent bookseller, providing each store or chain of stores the ability to effortlessly create their own completely localized content, commerce and community based experience. Copia’s Australian experience will include features such as a digital bookstore with a vast content catalog, note taking and sharing, group chat, online book clubs, library comparison, activity feeds, user recommendations, a proprietary community value system, and more. Copia users enjoy a singular, wholly shareable on-line experience—all their media, all their friends, all in one application.

In addition to the portal based experience, Copia will be providing the APA with localized applications for multiple devices including desktop readers, iPad, Win7-Touch, Android tablets, and the Blackberry Playbook, allowing users to decide which device best suits their needs.

APA members will also use Copia’s eBook aggregation and distribution services, which will also be integrated into a “New Release” of TitlePage, TitlePage Plus, that will provide a consolidated supply chain solution to the Australian Book Industry. Whilst TitlePage will soon extend its service the New Zealand Booksellers, TitlePage Plus will eventually service that nation thus providing a significant supply chain solution across the ANZ region.

“Our market is in the unique position where our bookstores comprise a large portion of the marketplace. We are glad to partner with Copia as our official eBook partner to bring such a powerful platform to our booksellers,” said Maree McCaskill, CEO of Australian Publishers Association Ltd.

“We are excited to partner with the APA and Bowker to bring Copia’s capabilities to this exciting and vibrant market,” said Andrew Lowinger, CEO of Copia Interactive, LLC. “As we have demonstrated in other geographies, the best defense for tier-one brands to protect their market is through strong partnerships. Copia is thrilled to have been chosen by the APA for this important mission.”

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