Children’s Fun Publishing Celebrates 25 Years of International Business

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After 25 years in business, Chinese publisher Children’s Fun Publishing celebrates its international activities and children’s books at the Bologna Book Fair.

At the Children’s Fun Publishing celebration, left to right: Zhao Haiyun, Deputy Director, GAPP; Gu Chong, President, Posts & Telecom Press; Henrik Højsholt, CFO, Egmont Publishing

By the editors of China Publishers Magazine

On March 26th, Chinese publisher Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd held an event at the 2018 Bologna Book Fair—where China was Guest of Honor—to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company, its international projects, and its “Going Global” mission.

China Fun Publishing is a joint venture between the Egmont Group in Denmark and Posts & Telecom Press in China. The first project was an issue of Mickey Mouse magazine that introduced Chinese children to this internationally recognized character.

Officials from China’s Administration of Press and Publication attended the celebratory event in Bologna, including Mr. Haiyun Zhao, Mr. Zhengming Xu, and Ms. Xiuling Zhao.

Other distinguished guests included:

  • Mr. Chong Gu, President of Posts & Telecom Press
  • Mr. Henrik Højsholt Nielsen, CFO of Egmont Publishing
  • Li Wen, chairman of the board of directors of Children’s Fun Publishing
  • Ms. Margaret Commellato, Vice President Global Licensing Publishing and Disney English
  • Mr. Weijun Zhang, son of the famous cartoonist Mr. Leping Zhang

Children’s Fun Publishing maintains a close contact with iinternational publishers and copyright owners, and as a result of these relationships, has accumulated a wealth of licensed content. Children’s Fun Publishing is one of Disney’s earliest licensees in China and also partners with Hasbro and Mattel.

In addition to the company’s international activities, Children’s Fun Publishing publishes Chinese authors and actively sells rights abroad.

In 2012, Jackal and Wolf by Shen Shixi and An Unusual Princess by Wu Meizhen were published simultaneously in eight European countries during the London Book Fair when China was the guest of honor.

China Fun Publishing is committed to exporting Chinese literature abroad, and aims to introduce more readers around the world to Chinese culture. This year, works such as A Hundred Birds Worship Phoenix, Lotus Fairy, and 24 Solar Terms Experienced by a Bean were released and translated into several different languages.

In the last 25 years, Children’s Fun Publishing has brought foreign children’s publications from all over the world to China Now, it is committed to helping Chinese books “go global” and raising its influence in the international market.

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