Why Shakespeare Makes for Great Summer Reading

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By Dennis Abrams

So, you’ve finished Dan Brown’s Inferno. Game of Thrones has ended, and there’s nothing else good to watch on TV. Are you going to send your mind off on vacation for the entire summer? Or…wouldn’t you rather spend your summer months enjoying three of the greatest stories ever told?

Consider these…

A story of witches and ghosts and murder set in mysterious Scotland.

A story of an inheritance gone wrong that pits family member against family member in an all-out struggle for power and love.

A story of love and ambition, played out on an international stage, as two great powers vie for total supremacy.

These stories, of course, are from three of the greatest plays ever written: William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, King Lear, and Antony and Cleopatra. And as Publishing Perspectives’ epic journey through the works of Shakespeare, The Play’s The Thing continues, we’re going to be spending our summer plumbing the riches of these masterpieces of Western Literature.

But don’t worry – just because they’re “masterpieces” and “classics” it doesn’t mean you’re going to be bored. Far from it. The reason they’re still read, performed, and cherished more than 400 years after they were written is because they’ve spoken directly and clearly to generation after generation of readers and playgoers.

Great stories told by one of the greatest — ok, the greatest — writer who ever lived. What more could you want from your summer read?

Our reading of Macbeth starts on Wednesday, June 19th. We’ll be going slowly, savoring each Act, so any excuses of “I don’t have time” just won’t fly. We hope you’ll join us.

Purchase your copy of Macbeth and enter the conversation at The Play’s The Thing.

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Dennis Abrams

Dennis Abrams is a contributing editor for Publishing Perspectives, responsible for news, children's publishing and media. He's also a restaurant critic, literary blogger, and the author of "The Play's The Thing," a complete YA guide to the plays of William Shakespeare published by Pentian, as well as more than 30 YA biographies and histories for Chelsea House publishers.