Up Next is PHP, Java, SQL, HTM5, CSS. Now You Suggest a Topic

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By Nick Ruffilo

So far in Publishing Perspectives’ series “Tips for Technologists” I’ve focused a great deal on introductory and intermediate lessons, all recapped in todays feature article, “Tips For Publishing Technologists #1-10: The Zen of Technology.

This has been to try to build a baseline and to make some of the advanced topics less intimidating for those unfamiliar. I will be diving in more detail in the future on PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML5, CSS, and a host of other topics.

Now is your turn to suggest a topic. Tell me what you’d like us to discuss and why in the comments below.

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Nick Ruffilo

Nick Ruffilo is currently the CIO/CTO of Aerbook.com. He was previously Product Manager at Vook and CTO of BookSwim.