UK Booksellers Association Launches Bookstore Search Engine

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By Publishing Perspectives

The Booksellers Association, a membership organization for all booksellers in the UK and Ireland which represents 95% of all bookstores, as part of it’s “Keep Books on the High Street campaign,” has made it just a little bit easier for consumers to continue purchasing books at their local bookstores. Just by pushing a button.

BA has created a Find Your Local Bookshop button, that allows users to post a button on their sites that will take visitors to the BA bookshop search page, where they will be able to search the over 3,500 outlets which belong to the Booksellers Association.  Members range from single independents in market downs, to campus bookstores, Christian specialists, to large national bookselling chains and supermarkets. Consumers have the option of searching under All BA Members, Independents Only, and/or Chain and Independent Booksellers: they can then decide whether to buy online or to visit their local bookshop.

The project is part of their current “Keep Books on the High Street Promotion” and was inspired by the American Booksellers Associations IndieWeb (anti-Amazon) program encouraging people to “buy local.” A similar search engine that has been available from the American Booksellers Association, albeit focusing only on independent bookstores who are its members, for several years already.

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