Is Your IT Dept Helping or Hindering Your Transition to Digital?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

If your IT department disappears into the great cloud computer in the sky, will you be sad to see them go?

By Edward Nawotka

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Everyone feels — to some extent — dependent on the geeks in the IT department. Whether it’s something as mundane as authorizing your Blackberry on the corporate network or as complicated as implementing a new content management system. But, as discussed in today’s feature story about the emergence of cloud-based computing solutions and their impact on publishing, the IT department may be short-lived.

Would you be sad to see them go?

Your answer is likely based on your feelings on whether or not your IT department is doing everything they should to help you cope with the transition from traditional to digital publishing. Are they helping or hindering? What else should they do to help you be more successful at your job?

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