First Google eBooks Reading Device on Sale This Week

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iriver Story HD

By Hannah Johnson

Approximately seven months after the launch of Google eBooks, the first e-reading device using the Google eBooks platform will go on sale in the United States this week.

Called the Story HD, this new device is manufactured by iriver and retails for $139.99. It ships with wireless access to Google eBooks, both free and paid, for online reading, buying and browsing. The Story HD will go on sale on July 17 in Target stores around the country.

According to the announcement on the official Google blog, readers access their Google eBooks via Wi-Fi instead of downloading and storing files on the reading device. No specifics were provided in the announcement about how users might access these e-books offline, or whether Wi-Fi access on the Story HD would be available outside the United States.

However, the device does feature an SD card slot as well as USB port, which would allow users to upload and store personal files (and e-books) on the device.

Like Google’s mobile operating system Android, Google eBooks is “open to all publishers, retailers and manufacturers,” so we can expect to see more devices launched over the coming months that use the Google eBooks platform.

iriver Story HD close-up
(Image via Google)

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