Oxford’s AIA Guide to New York City Makes Me Glad to Be a New Yorker

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Cox

Last night, I attended a delightful event at The Queens Museum of Art in honor of Oxford University Press’ new edition of the AIA Guide to New York City.  If you have never seen an AIA guide, they are a truly impressive record of all of New York City’s architectural offerings….and I mean ALL.   In all five boroughs, the guide catalogs everything from historical landmarks to gas stations.

As we stood above Robert Moses’ panorama of this glorious city, editor of the guide, Fran Leadon, told us that every building in the book was visited personally by he and his students.  An exhausting job, I’m sure, but what they deliver in this guide is nothing short of brilliant. 

If you ever needed another reason to love this city, this is surely it.

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