US Holiday Sales Up 3.6%, Online Sales Up 15.5%

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Amazon Kindle with Daily TelegraphBy Edward Nawotka

Early reports are positive and indicate holiday sales were up 3.6 percent this holiday shopping season. But keep in mind that this is up over last year, which was the worst year in nearly half a century.

Internet shopping was up 15.5% over last year.

Amazon says that the “Kindle is the most gifted item ever” for the company (which is all but impossible to parse what that really means) and the company states it sold more e-books than real books on Christmas Day (which makes sense, since people with new Kindles would be downloading new books, while few if any people would be shopping for books on Christmas).

That said, the company said it had a record sales day on December 14 when it sold more than 9.5 million items (or an astounding 110 items per second).

(via Mashable).

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