Global Trade Talk: Deep Symbol Discounts; Scribd-to-Bestseller Novel

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By Hannah Johnson

The Bookseller alerted us that The Book Depository dropped its price on The Lost Symbol to £4.99, a reduction of nearly 75% off the retail price of £18.99. This was temporarily the lowest price in the UK. Hours later, Amazon UK dropped its price match. Both booksellers have managed to beat the price set by grocery stores Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco, selling the book between £7 and £9, and Asda at £5.

A novel that originally appeared on has now landed on the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller list, reports PW. The Sower by Kemble Scott was originally posted on Scribd before getting picked up by San Francisco indie publisher Numina Press and distributed exclusively to independent Bay Area booksellers. Scott remarked that the book was created outside the traditional publishing process and concluded, “I think that digital books and printed books do compliment each other.”

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