German Buch News: New Frankfurt Statement; New Wireless eReader

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By Siobhan O’Leary

The Boersenblatt, Buchreport and BuchMarkt picked up another statement from Juergen Boos about the Guest of Honour China controversy, which was released online yesterday. In it, Boos reiterates that the Book Fair does not compromise on freedom of expression. He gives examples of several regime-critical figures from China who attend this year’s Fair, including Chinese Nobel Prize winner Goa Xingjian, poet Yang Lian, Uyghur P.E.N. President Abdulrusul ÖzHun (who lives in exile in Sweden), literary journalist Xu Xiao, artist Ai Weiwei and journalist Xue Xinran.

The founder of Berlin-based company txtr, Ronnie Vuine, provides a sneak preview of its much-hyped e-Reader in the Buchreport, which will be launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair and feature wireless connectivity. Although the Kindle is already wireless and Sony has it in the works for the US in December, Vuine said that no one wants any one e-reader manufacturer to have a monopoly. He added that availability (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest hurdles in the ebook market, but predicts that ebooks could make up 20% or more of German book sales in five years.

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