German Buch News: Read a Mystery and Learn German, Breaks Embargo on Raunacht

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By Siobhan O’Leary


Read a murder mystery and learn some German in the process. That’s the idea behind Cornelsen Verlag’s latest iPhone and iPod Touch app, produced in collaboration with textunes, for the book Liebe bis in den Tod (Love Unto Death). According to BuchMarkt, the app is part text and part audio book. It features interactive exercises, definitions, and regional information for students of German. As you listen to the audio component, the text automatically scrolls forward simultaneously.

Booksellers are irked with over a book published by Piper Verlag which was supposed to go on sale on September 11th. Piper Verlag has shipped over 100,000 copies of Raunacht (Rough Night), the latest crime novel by Volker Klüpfel and Michael Kobr, but while the rest of the retailers adhered to Piper’s on-sale date, broke the embargo and started selling the book already. In fact, the book is already at #1 on the list. According to BuchMarkt, Piper’s Marketing Director Tino Uhlemann has given the green light for other retailers to start selling the book.

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