Memoirs: The Yin to Twitter’s Yang

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Franz Wisner, author and founder of Story-Driven Ink—a new online writing workshop—on why he’s bullish on the future of the memoir. Editorial by Franz Wisner I just returned from a funeral, one in a long string. This one mirrored the others — a bunch of somber-faced mourners, huddled in a room, cradling fermented beverages, mourning the death of our beloved. Oh, memoirs. …

Will Chinese Publishers Ever Become a Force on the Global Stage?

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By Edward Nawotka Our lead article today looks at China Publishing Group’s recent commitment to digital publishing. China is without a doubt a huge market, one catered to by huge publishers. But the consensus seems to be that because of the immense opportunities for growth at home, few Chinese publishers will ever truly become players on the global stage — …

What is the best way to learn a language?

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By Erin L. Cox In today’s story, Siobhan O’Leary writes about the role of translators in international publishing.  As publishing goes global and learning other languages are necessary for conducting business, it begs the question…what is the best way to learn a language? Write in and tell me what has worked best for you.

STM Publishers Face Some Old, Some New Challenges, Especially the Bugaboo of “Free”

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By Richard Lampert At first glance, STM publishing (Scientific Technical Medical publishing) resembles most other segments of the book publishing industry. It’s still dominated by commercial publishing companies plus a few scholarly houses, and new titles still appear at regular intervals supported by marketing to the book trade, individuals, and institutions. And the familiar challenges are there as well — …