Move Over, Kindle Charts: Tolino Launches Ebook Bestseller List

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The German digital literary scene boasts a new bestseller list: the Tolino Ebook Bestseller List. Tolino, a German bookseller alliance, is Germany’s counterpart to Amazon.

tolino launches ebook bestseller list

By Ingrid Süßmann

Last week, the German bookseller’s alliance Tolino — an alliance formed by booksellers Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Club Bertelsmann, Libri and the Deutsche Telekom — announced the publication of its first ebook bestseller list. The data is retrieved from the inventory control system employed by all bookstores belonging to the Tolino alliance as well as their respective online shops. The list only tracks ebooks — both traditionally published and self-published titles. International titles, guidebooks, schoolbooks and travel guides are not part of the list, nor are books that are free of charge.

The Tolino ebook bestseller list widens the existing portfolio of information about ebook sales in Germany. Market research institute Media Control also publishes an ebook bestseller list (without self-published titles). The Boersenblatt magazine published by the German Bookseller and Publishers Association also offers an ebook bestseller list that is produced in cooperation with a market research firm, GfK Entertainment. With the Tolino Ebook bestseller list, which is updated every Wednesday, a new player enters this growing field, giving publishers and consumers the chance to gain new insights into what’s trending right now.

Here’s a look at the current top 10 of ebook bestsellers from the new Tolino list:

  1. E. L. James: Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey
    Published by: Goldmann (Random House)
  2. Anna Todd: After forever
    Published by: Heyne (Random House)
  3. Catherine Sheperd: Erntezeit
    Published by: Tolino Media (Selfpublishing)
  4. Ricarda Martin: Ein Sommer in Irland
    Published by: Feelings (Digital Label, Holtzbrinck)
  5. Paula Hawkins: Girl on the Train
    Published by: Blanvalet (Random House)
  6. Catherine Sheperd: Der Puzzlemörder von Zons
    Published by: Tolino Media (Selfpublishing)
  7. Mhairi McFarlane: Vielleicht mag ich dich morgen
    Published by: Knaur (Holtzbrinck)
  8. Sarah Mundt: Sylter Wolken
    Published by: Tolino Media (Selfpublishing)
  9. Andreas Gruber: Todesurteil
    Published by: Goldmann (Random House)
  10. Nancy Salchow: Liebe hat kein Gewicht
    Published by: Neobooks (Selfpublishing)
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