A Humorous New Vocabulary for Book Publishing

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Steve Macone

Steve Macone

In a contribution to the New York Times’ “Drafts” blog, comedian Steve Macone offered a helpful, humorous glossary of terms for the contemporary book business. To wit:

You, Author: Act as Book’s Publicist, responsible for promotion.

Your Publicist: Acts as your Mom. Tells you that you’re special and talented but makes you do everything for yourself. Brags to friends whenever you’re in the newspaper. Tacitly takes credit.

Your Mom: Acts as Book’s Audience, buying most of the copies.

Your Audience: With social media, book blogs and online reading communities, acts as Book’s Reviewer.

He continues…

Self-Published Authors: Treated as Crazy Ranting People: either ignored or pitied by the general public until they do something that is brilliant or threatening.

Crazy Ranting People: Still pretty good at selling traditionally published books.

You can read his entire post here.

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