digital media frankfurt book Fair

Explore HTML5 and EPUB3 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

digital media frankfurt book Fair

Digital media at the Frankfurt Book Fair. © Peter Hirth / Frankfurter Buchmesse

Luc Audrain, head of digitalization support at Hachette Livre, profiled in today’s feature story, will be leading the workshop “HTML 5 and EPUB3: Digital Books Beyond Digitized Text” at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Thursday, October 11. 2:30 – 5:30 Hall 4.C, Room “Entente.” The program will be conducted in English. The price of € 250 includes lunch.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

1) Unlimited possibilities: HTML5, ePUB 3 and reading platforms

The seminar will begin with an overview of the functionality and capabilities of HTML 5, including canvas drawing, geolocation and integrating audio/video elements.

It will then highlight the technical capabilities of ePUB 3, with a focus on accessibility, media overlays, widgets and other technologies. It will also present practical instructions for using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to incorporate fixed layout and interactive elements.

An overview and test of the latest reading systems, including Apple, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and cloud-based platforms, will round out the first part of the training session.

2) In flux: Workflows 

The second part of the workshop will focus on publishing workflows and cover the following topics:

  • New tools for scalable content with fixed layout for enhanced and interactive e-books
  • Print-focused (Adobe InDesign) and CMS-focused (XML-first) models
  • Recommendations for choosing selective enhancement vs. fully interactive content
  • Demonstrations of the latest tools for authoring, converting and verifying content
  • Best practices for process and organizational structures (team roles)

3) A look into the crystal ball: The future of e-books

The workshop will close with an outlook of the possibilities offered by HTML5 and ePUB 3 for the future of e-books.

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