SURVEY: How Far Are You in Your Transition to Digital Publishing?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

Still using typewriters and faxes? Is it all in the cloud? Or somewhere in-between?

By Edward Nawotka

Publishing is, if anything, a co-mingling of the old and the new. After all, a traditional publisher’s “workflow” would not be wholly unrecognizable to Gutenberg…of course, few publishers are luddites and sticking exclusively to a traditional paper-ink-and-red-pen workflow. Today, it’s all about digital. That said, not everyone has fully implemented digital databases and workflow systems. Many publishers maintain a hybrid workflow and are somewhere in the middle of a transition. So tell us, how far along are you?

And tell us why in the comments.

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Edward Nawotka

A widely published critic and essayist, Edward Nawotka serves as a speaker, educator and consultant for institutions and businesses involved in the global publishing and content industries. He was also editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives since the launch of the publication in 2009 until January 2016.