Who is the Most “Beautiful” Person in Publishing You Know?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

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By Edward Nawotka

Yes, I admit, it seems like a bit of a frivolous questions…but you can’t write about vertical publishing, digitization and the vagaries of the book biz everyday. So, riffing on today’s lead story about Beautiful Book MD Simon Petherick, I ask you: who is the most “beautiful” person in publishing you know? Why the parentheses around “beautiful”? Because beauty isn’t only skin deep — it’s on the inside too. So tell us…who is that person who’s inner (or outer) beauty shines through each day? Without such people, we’d have a hard time going to work each day. So tell us . . . anecdotes and photos will be appreciated.

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Edward Nawotka

A widely published critic and essayist, Edward Nawotka serves as a speaker, educator and consultant for institutions and businesses involved in the global publishing and content industries. He was also editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives since the launch of the publication in 2009 until January 2016.