The CEO Panel Drinking Game–At a Conference Near You

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Cox

As Digital Book World comes to a close, I looked back at the Twitter feed to catch up on the news from sessions I missed, remind myself of the salient points from the panels I did attend, and to chuckle at the snarky comments.  

Photo credit: Steve Schul, Cocktail Buzz

Yesterday, one of the main stage panels was “A CEO’s View of the Future” featuring four CEOs and one President.  As someone who has attended a number of conferences, I have seen some of these CEOs and others speak to the future of publishing a number of times and say similar things . . . and clearly some of the other attendees have too. 

So, I thought it might be fun to look back at some stories and Twitter feeds from CEO panels at BEA, The Frankfurt Book Fair, and Digital Book World and do what one of the Tweeple on the DBW Twitter feed mentioned — create a drinking game based on the recurring CEO panel topics.  Feel free to add along your ideas here in the comment area below. 

 Take a shot when:

-Jane Friedman is on the panel. 

-Someone says they are “optimistic” for the future. 

-They focus almost exclusively on the big houses and say nothing of academic publishing, indie publishing, or self-publishing (with the exception of Open Road Media).

-Someone says “content.”  If someone says “content is king,” take two shots.

-They make general statements without backing up with numbers or facts.

-Drink two shots if they mention the iPad, Kindle, or Nook.

-Drink whatever is left of the bottle when they discuss only digital content and NOTHING ELSE. [Granted, this particular panel was at Digital Book World, so this was focused on digital, but this rule pertains to almost every other panel I’ve seen.]

 NOTE:  This is meant to be merely funny and not in any way to besmirch the reputations or disrespect these CEOs (especially the fabulous Jane Friedman and unmentioned but equally fabulous Carolyn Reidy, both of whom I worked for and both of whom are brilliant, inspiring female CEOs — and sadly, often the only women on these panels).

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