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By Erin L. Cox

While a lot of the international publishing community is still in Frankfurt, New York Comic Con is going on back in NYC.  Because it’s quiet here in Hall 8 at FBF, I decided to follow the Comic Con action on Twitter.  Here are some of the highlights from the last hour.  It’s still early in NYC, so start following now to see the action:

@IntelEdge Following #NYCC from home? You can still score awesome prizes by wearing the Game On Twitter badge

@adamjmonetta:  My #NYCC tip: Never use the bathrooms nearest the panels. Use the ones on that long walk to the panels. Your bladder will thank you.

@matthew_cody:  Am waiting in #NYCC general admission line w/ friends. Nice of the con to hand out complimentary toothpaste to attendees. Seriously!

@MTV MTV :Ok, so how awesome is our new geek site Well, @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz is reporting for @MTVGeek from #NYCC, so…SUPER AWESOME!

Read the official New York Comic Con blog or follow the action on Twitter at #nycc.

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