Sony’s New Readers, Apple’s New iPod Nano

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By Hannah Johnson

Today was a big day for product launches. Sony has updated its line of Readers, and Apple’s Fall event was held today.

New Sony Readers

Touch screens, faster page turns and more color options — Sony has launched an updated array of reading devices. However, Sony has not (yet) given in to the heavy discounting that other device retailers have embraced. The new Readers cost between $179 and $229. However, Fast Company says, “They’re expensive, but are now the e-readers the Kindle should be.”

What Happened at Apple’s Fall Event

Apple announced iOS 4.1, an operating system update for iPhone and iPod, as well as iOS 4.2 for the iPad. You can now rent TV show episodes, print from the iPad and organize your files into folders.

There is also a new iPod nano device, which ReadWriteWeb says looks like “a really tiny iPod touch.” It comes in 8 colors and includes FM radio and a 24-hour battery life.

iTunes also gets an update with a new look and its own social network called Ping. Now you can share your favorite music and movies, and find out what your friends like.

And finally, the new Apple TV device is smaller, rents and streams HD video from iTunes, and receives streaming video from iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) so you can watch on a big screen.

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