Kindle Gets Games, Android Outsells iPhone in USA

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By Hannah Johnson

Another day, another Tech Digest:

Games Come to the Kindle
One of the arguments against electronic reading is that the potential for distraction is high. Well brace yourselves for more distraction. Amazon has released two word games for the Kindle — Shuffled Row and Every Word — for the Kindle DX and Kindle 2. The games were created using the Kindle Developer Kit (KDK), which is currently in “limited-beta” release. However Amazon plans to open up the KDK to more developers soon, which could spark a wave of Kindle games and apps.

Android Outsells iPhones in USA
Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has become the number one mobile operating system in the United States, beating out the iPhone and Blackberry. Mashable reports that the Android OS leads with 33 percent of the market, Blackberry follows with 28 percent and Apple trails at 22 percent. The Android OS is open-source and runs on devices from several manufacturers, including Motorola, LG and Samsung. Is open-source the key to Android’s success?

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