Rebtel Provides Cheap International Calling on Android Phones

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by Helen Gregg

Rebtel, a mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) provider, expanded its presence in the mobile markertplace today with the release of a new Anroid app, reported TechCrunch. Rebtel provides cheap international calls by assigning foreign numbers a local number, and the customer only incurs the cost of a local call. Founded in Sweden in 2006, the company currently has a presence in over 50 countries.

The original service can be used from any mobile phone using any provider. After registration, users can enter international contacts and then Rebtel assigns each one a unique local number that the user can enter into his phone, save, and use for any future phone calls or text messages.

Additionally, the new Android app allows a user to skip the online contact registration step, automatically intercepting outgoing foreign calls and re-routing through the Rebtel system to provide the user with a cheaper call. In eliminating the need for any Internet access, Rebtel has now further differentiated itself from its major competitor, Skype.

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