Sell, Sell, Sell: OpenSky’s Wants to Help You Monetize Your Blog

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By Edward Nawotka

If you’re a publisher, writer or blogger looking to generate more money from your site beyond merely selling books, you should learn about OpenSky. OpenSky media is a new platform that works with content publishers to fashion tailored Web stores for their sites.

“It’s ultimately a platform for direct business building,” says Mary Ann Naples, VP for development and a former literary agent who joined the company least year. “I believe OpenSky will be an important distribution point for books and independently build businesses not controlled by gatekeepers. But that they can engage with their audience about creating bundles of things.” OpenSky handles the entire e-commerce back-end and will even negotiate with suppliers to sell products that will be unique to their sites.

Among the first clients for the company was author and chef Michael Ruhlman, who found that he would often get e-mails asking him about his favorite pots or kitchen towels. Whereas previously he would funnel the sales through to Amazon, now he can reap the benefit by selling the items from his own site.

Another client is yoga instructor and lifestyle guru David Romanelli. For his site,, OpenSky was able to procure a special lavender oil that is hand-harvested in the French Alps – something that started selling within hours of being posted to the site.

At the moment the company primarily works with food and lifestyle related clients, but Naples believes that the service could be used by nearly anyone with an established audience.

“Business book authors to travel writers could see a big boost in revenue from implementing our service,” said Naples.

OpenSky will be hosting an Open House at their offices this evening from 5-8 to drink, socialize and learn more about the company. To RSVP, email Naples at

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