Bestselling writer, Simon Winchester, starts small-town paper

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox


By Erin L. Cox

In the hamlets of America and even in big cities, the print news industry is declining.  While book publishers are finding a way to work with the eBook industry, the threat of blog-news and 24-hour news cycle is hurting print editions of major newspapers and closing papers in small towns and hamlets around the country.

But, one community is fighting back.  International best-selling writer, Simon Winchester is starting a local newspaper named for the tiny western Massachusetts town in which he lives, The Sandisfield Times.  Done in letterpress by he and his wife, Setsuko Winchester, The Sandisfield Times will be a monthly paper, run by volunteers, and not-for-profit.

In an interview with the BBC, Winchester says of local newspapers, “Some are run for money, some for fun, but mostly run because a few people have come to realise that if we do not do something, small villages like ours are going to slip through the meshes of the internet and become forgotten.”  The first edition of his paper will be out in April. 

What can YOU do to help encourage print journalism in your town?

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