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By Emily Williams


Harvard Business Review Press filled us in a bit further on their reasons for partnering with Amazon to launch its Short Cuts series — digital editions of chapters from some of their popular business titles, sold in the shorter format to appeal to busy business readers (as discussed on Monday).

Group Publisher Josh D. Macht cites the press’s strategy of “bringing ideas to customers quickly and in the formats — and lengths — they desire.  With the Short Cuts program, he added, “We see a huge opportunity with our executive demographic — they are busy executives who travel often, and they want access to information when they need it and in a format that’s easily accessible. Partnering with Amazon also gives us the chance to target a wide audience of e-readers.”

Harvard Business had already been selling their books in Kindle format on Amazon, and noticed a strong market there, Macht said.  “Many of our books that perform well in the traditional print market also do well on the Kindle, which says to us there’s a real audience for our content there.  We also witnessed increased sales of our books when the Kindle app for the iPhone went live.”

The new deal with Amazon includes 117 “Short Cuts” chapters drawn from ten Harvard Business Review Press books, and organized by how long they take to read — 10 minutes or 30 minutes.  They will be exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle Store for three months.  List price is set at $3.95, which Amazon will discount to $3.16.

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