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flagsBy Erin L. Cox

The online literary review The Quarterly Conversation offered a unique spin on the “year-end book list,” suggesting several dozen titles they would eagerly like to see translated into English.  Among those interviewed for the piece are some names familiar to Publishing Perspectives readers, including Chad Post and Christopher Merrill.

As only 3% of books published in the United States are translated from another language, having publishers large and small, literary agents and scouts, writers from around the world, and journalists recommend a few titles they love, that might help inspire American publishers to produce more books in translation.  Now that’s a holiday present we could all appreciate.

For a few thoughts on TQC’s year-end list, check out the New Yorker magazine’s Book Bench blog.

And for a few more titles, take a look at our recent article about Brazilian books we’d like to see translated from the Portuguese, which now includes some fifteen suggestions and continues to grow.

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