Don’t Trip: App Lets You Read and Walk at the Same Time

In Tech Digest by Hannah Johnson

MegaReader Heads Up Display

By Hannah Johnson

We all know what happens when you walk and look at your phone at the same time: accidents happen (seriously, click here to laugh). Well now, you can avoid running into things while you are reading e-books on your smartphone by using the MegaReader app. MegaReader announced a new feature, the “Heads Up Display”. This feature overlays the e-book text onto a live feed coming from the phone’s front-facing camera.

MegaReaders boasts 1.8 million titles available through the app. Free titles are available through the app from major catalogues like Project Gutenberg and Smashwords, or you can use MegaReader to read books already on your device.

MegaReader’s video promo even someone driving and reading the same time, but even with this cool video overlay, that doesn’t sound like a safe thing to do:


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