Book2Look’s “Biblet” Takes the Book Widget to the Next Level

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By Siobhan O’Leary

Widgets can tell us what the weather will be, what time it is, or even help us plan dinner. And, of course, there are widgets that allow us to preview, share and buy books.

German technology company Book2look ( is a social media marketing tool that allows publishers to create widgets (book2look calls them Biblets) and embed them just about anywhere — from websites to press announcements to book databases. Book2look’s German clients include dtv, Elsevier, Springer and Suhrkamp, among others, and the site is now available in English (as well as Dutch and Korean).

The book2look Biblet is unique in that it not only allows publishers to use a simple PDF file to create a digital reading sample of any length that is easy on the eye and visually mimics the turning of an actual page. It also offers the ability to incorporate audio files, links, multimedia animations and video trailers. Readers can also comment on and rate each title and share the Biblet via email and on various social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

The company also offers a “Bookshelf Widget,” which features the Biblets of new releases and can be embedded into any website. Naturally, since the ultimate goal is obviously to sell more books, publishers also define links to various online book retailers so that customers can purchase a given title in two clicks.

Book2look also offers a variety of other widgets, apps and services for clients, including EPUB conversion, which is done on who pay a per-title fee that varies depending on how many titles they are converting, and whether they are new releases or backlist.

For more information about pricing and the features of the Biblet, contact Ralph Moellers at

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