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By Helen Gregg

For any rentals, catering, or other services you may need, visit the Service Contractors section of the Frankfurt Book Fair website to find catalogs, order forms, and contact information for various suggested contractors. For tips for getting what you need at your booth, keep reading!


There is free Wi-Fi this year for all exhibitors. However, because of the large number of expected users, it shouldn’t be relied upon for important presentations. For a dedicated line and other Internet connectivity options, see the Telecommunications section of the Service Contractors website.


If you want to order a projector at your stand or at an event you’re organizing, know that Germans translate it as “beamer.” Projectors, monitors, computers, and similar equipment can be ordered here.

If you are bringing your own electrical equipment from a non-European country, be aware of electrical differences in Germany. Electrical sockets in Europe supply 220 volts of power, and can destroy small American appliances that run on less. has more information and links for where to buy power adapters and voltage converters.

If you have expensive equipment or other valuables in your stand, a nighttime security guard is available.

Decorating Your Stand

Decorations and additions to your stand will all be at additional cost. One thing that’s free? Bookshelves! When you arrive at your stand, you’ll have a sufficient supply, but if you need more, there will be bins full of them in the aisles, simply help yourself.

Ordering over the Phone

When you call one of the service providers listed on the website, know they will probably answer the phone in German (often by saying only their last name). Just introduce yourself and start speaking in English -– virtually all customer service reps are fluent and will switch immediately.

Choosing a Contractor

With the exception of electricity, water, and telecommunications, exhibitors are free to have any supplies or food delivered, or use any other outside service provider, that they wish. (This is different than at BookExpo America and shows in countries with different labor and union laws). The companies on this list are suggestions, as they have worked with the Fair before, and will all be on-site.

Helen Gregg works in the New York office of the Frankfurt Book Fair. This year’s Fair will be her first.

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