OpenSky’s the Limit on Good Morning America

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By Chip Rossetti

If you were watching Good Morning America yesterday, you might have seen a plug for a media company that was recently featured here on Publishing Perspectives: OpenSky, a platform that helps create tailored Web stores by pairing up content publishers with product suppliers. On Monday’s program, GMA’s workplace contributor Tory Johnston talked about OpenSky as a great platform for building a home business. OpenSky handles e-commerce back-end for bloggers who want to leverage the business potential of the audiences they’ve built for themselves, by selling products directly on their site. Founder and CEO of OpenSky, John Caplan, pointed out that hundreds of content publishers joined up in the hours after the show aired. Considering that the service has no upfront costs for either bloggers or suppliers (OpenSky only makes money when a sale is made), it’s no surprise that content providers are turning to it as a way to boost incomes.

Watch a clip of OpenSky on Good Morning America here.

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