What’s Cooking, Chef Wan?

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By Erin L Cox

Few can top Chef Wan. He is one of Malaysia’s most celebrated icons and a star of the Asian Food Channel, as well as having hosted shows in numerous other countries including Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. What’s more, he’s published eight cookbooks, and is also a comedian, talk-show host, and has acted on stage and screen.

Born Redzuawan bin Ismail, Chef Wan was trained as an accountant, but gave up his career to pursue his love of cooking.

With degrees in Professional Chef Training and Hotel Management from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and Ecole Ritz-Esscoffier De Gastronomie Francaise from the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Chef Wan is truly a chef of the world, having told an Australian newspaper recently, “The nationality of food does not matter. What is important is that the food is delicious and marketable.”

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