Santillana Launches Interactive eTextbook Platform in Catalonia

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By Emily Williams Tuesday at the Seville Book Fair, leading Spanish educational publisher Santillana announced the launch of a new “web-book” model of textbooks.  The online textbooks are enhanced with images and links and interactive features, and are designed to display on electronic blackboards and laptops in the classroom.  Students will be able to access the web-books online from home …

Do Google and Wikipedia Rob Students of a Real Education?

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By Ed Nawotka In today’s editorial, Ron Mobed of Cengage Learning argues that digital tools and content turbocharge traditional education. Within the piece, he cites a 2009 UCLA study that “found that students learn better when they become engaged in a trial-and-error method to find information, rather than simply use Google or Wikipedia to reveal answers.” Translation: when students have …

How Digital Technology Turbocharges Traditional Education

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Editorial by Ron Mobed, Cengage Learning We can all agree that technology is sweeping across the educational frontier like a wildfire. Many say digital innovations transform the relationships between instructors and students, students and learning material, and students and their peers. More important, the correct use of technology, together with high-quality content, pedagogy and instruction, offers a dramatic improvement in …

First Thoughts on the iPad

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By Hannah Johnson The Apple iPad shipped in the United States over the weekend, and I’ve added my video review to the growing wave of iPad chatter. If you bought one and have thoughts about it, let Publishing Perspectives know in the comments or via Twitter @pubperspectives. httpv://

Who Writes History? Tone of Textbooks Changed in Texas

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Cox I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, “History is written by the victors.”  And, that phrase could not be truer when examining today’s decision by the Texas Board of Education to change social studies curriculum standards.  The vote came down 11-4 in favor of changing the guidelines for history, economic, and government textbooks to reflect a conservative …

German Court Stops RapidShare Book Downloads, Threatens Fines and Jail time

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By Edward Nawotka Several of the largest textbook companies in the world, including Bedford, Freeman & Worth; Cengage Learning; Elsevier; the McGraw-Hill Companies; Pearson; and John Wiley & Sons — have won a preliminary injunction in Hamburg, Germany against Swiss-basd filesharing Web site RapidShare, preventing the service from distributing copies of some 148 of the company’s titles. In a report …

Brazilian Publishers Still Growing Despite Global Recession

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By Edward Nawotka Despite the general global economic downturn, Brazilian publishing has proven surprisingly resilient. For much of the past decade, the business has been growing at a steady clip, reaching $3.3 billion reals ($1.93 billion) in 2008—a rise of 9.71% over 2007. It is the eighth biggest book market in the world and the largest in South America, accounting …

Cengage CEO Ron Dunn on Re-imagining Information Portals and TXTBKS

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By Edward Nawotka Last year, when Thomson sold off its education division, a new brand was born—Cengage Learning.  Cengage still retains many of the core characteristics that made Thomson Learning such a juggernaut—focusing on providing textbooks and education materials to schools, universities, and professional organizations—but the company has also been forced to re-imagine itself for the future. It is, by itself, …

What’s the Buzz: Recommending E-Bundles; UK E-Textbook Adoption, Twitter Dating

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By Hannah Johnson Computerworld’s Mike Elgin writes that further hardware innovations are not what consumers or the publishing industry needs to develop the ebook market. Instead, Elgin wants more “bundled” books that include digital, print and audio versions, ebook releases prior to the print version, and ebooks that come with a built-in social network. The comments to the post are …

What’s the Buzz: What’s on Scribd, Dan Brown Fever, Digital Textbooks Take Off?

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By Hannah Johnson I’ve become fascinated with all the things people have uploaded onto Want to read and comment on a rough draft of your favorite author’s work-in-progress? Need the lecture notes from your biology class? Or maybe the instruction manual for your toaster oven? Look no further than Scribd! Some content is free, but Scrib also sells ebooks …