Is China a Genuine Opportunity for Western Publishers?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story previews the Beijing International Book Fair, which opens Monday. In particular, we focus on the booming digital segment of this already $150bn book market. Over the past decade, Western publishers have been tentatively courting the Chinese market. Textbook collaborations are numerous, as are publications in the scientific, technical and medical fields. Trade publishers are …

Flat World Knowledge’s “Freemium” Textbooks Gain 140,000 Users, Average $34 Per Sale

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• Flat World Knowledge, a three-year-old textbook publisher, has released 24 titles which are now in use by 140,000 students at over 800 universities in the United States and another 50 abroad. • The company allows students to read the textbook for free online, while selling them POD, e-book and other editions. Over half of users opt for these additional …

What is the Future of “Freemium” in Book Publishing?

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By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story looks at Flat World Publishing’s “freemium” model for publishing college textbooks. The model isn’t exactly new: authors ranging from Chris Anderson to Cory Doctorow to Seth Godin have long advocated giving digital or online-only editions away for free in order to entice readers to purchase print books. Big Six and other publishers have been …

B.O.B., University of Texas’ $150,000 Book Machine, Readies for Freshman Year

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• The University of Texas Co-op — the most profitable independent college bookstore in the United States — has purchased an Espresso Book Machine. The aim is to revolutionize how the store does business and interacts with the local community. • The store has launched an independent press, is looking at POD textbook solutions, working with local writers, and has plans …

Getting NOOKy: B&N Encourages Students to Study with E-textbooks

In What's the Buzz by Helen Gregg

By Helen Gregg Just in time for back-to-college, Barnes & Noble announced today the August 2010 release of NOOKstudy, a free software application designed to help students use and manage all of their electronic resources and study aids. Despite the name, the application is for computers -– no Nook required. The new NOOKstudy will allow students to organize their class …

Shanghai Hopes For All E-textbook Campus in Five Years

In Global Trade Talk by Wuping Zhao

By Wuping Zhao SHANGHAI: Shanghai hopes be the first Chinese city to promote all e-textbook campus in five years, according to a statement from Shanghai Municipal government on June 6, 2010. An official from local government said the city’s Educational Committee is experimenting with an e-book campus, which started at the beginning of this year. The committee has selected several …

Santillana Launches Interactive eTextbook Platform in Catalonia

In Global Trade Talk by Emily Williams

By Emily Williams Tuesday at the Seville Book Fair, leading Spanish educational publisher Santillana announced the launch of a new “web-book” model of textbooks.  The online textbooks are enhanced with images and links and interactive features, and are designed to display on electronic blackboards and laptops in the classroom.  Students will be able to access the web-books online from home …

Do Google and Wikipedia Rob Students of a Real Education?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Ed Nawotka In today’s editorial, Ron Mobed of Cengage Learning argues that digital tools and content turbocharge traditional education. Within the piece, he cites a 2009 UCLA study that “found that students learn better when they become engaged in a trial-and-error method to find information, rather than simply use Google or Wikipedia to reveal answers.” Translation: when students have …

How Digital Technology Turbocharges Traditional Education

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Editorial by Ron Mobed, Cengage Learning We can all agree that technology is sweeping across the educational frontier like a wildfire. Many say digital innovations transform the relationships between instructors and students, students and learning material, and students and their peers. More important, the correct use of technology, together with high-quality content, pedagogy and instruction, offers a dramatic improvement in …

First Thoughts on the iPad

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By Hannah Johnson The Apple iPad shipped in the United States over the weekend, and I’ve added my video review to the growing wave of iPad chatter. If you bought one and have thoughts about it, let Publishing Perspectives know in the comments or via Twitter @pubperspectives. httpv://