Reading in the Cloud: “Spotify for Books” from The Publisher’s Standpoint

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Based on the Spotify model, streaming e-book subscription platforms are tricky to monetize properly for publishers — though they appear to be inevitable. By Javier Celaya MADRID: Yesterday I offered two different points-of-view on whether the streaming, cloud-based Spotify model was suitable to the book world — the first, from the reader’s angle, and the second one from the author’s …

Is an “À la carte” E-Book Subscription Model Viable for Trade Publishers?

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A subscription model that offers readers access to books a chapter at a time has potential to generate equivalent revenue and convert browsers into buyers. By Edward Nawotka As noted in today’s feature story by Javier Celaya, the all-you-can-eat “Spotify model for e-books” is tricky to monetize properly. But would it be superior if e-books were offered on an à la …

New York Times Announces Digital Subscriptions a.k.a Paywall

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By Hannah Johnson The New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. announced today the launch date and additional details of “digital subscriptions” for the New York Times — also known as a paywall. Digital subscriptions launched today for Canadian readers, which according to the announcement “will enable us to fine-tune the customer experience before our global launch.” The global launch … Aims for Sweet Spot of American Readers

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• BookSwim’s proprietary data shows that 80% of its users are library users and high income suburban women who read between 40 and 50 books per year — and buy as many as 30. • An analysis of reading habits reveals that BookSwim’s subscribers don’t tend to read in isolated silos. Instead, readers are just as likely to sample numerous …

Disney’s Digital Future

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By Edward Nawotka Much has been made of the emergence of e-books for adults, but the real early adopters of digital technology aren’t exclusively tech geeks but children. Anyone who has spent time with a teen, a pre-teen, or even a toddler, knows who quickly kids can adapt to something new and it goes without saying that e-books will be a …

German Buch News: Indie Pubs Launch Award to Challenge German Book Prize

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By Siobhan O’Leary A group of independent publishers are protesting the dominance of conglomerate publishers among the books longlisted for the year’s German Book Prize by launching their own rival list, dubbed “Hotlist: Recommendations of the Independents.” According to Buchreport, Germany’s third largest chain bookseller, Mayersche, is supporting the effort by offering a 5,000 euro “prize,” with the winner to be selected …