Live Video Feed from Tools of Change Conference in NYC

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By Hannah Johnson O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference kicked off yesterday in New York City with a day of workshop sessions focused on diverse topics including rights, e-book standards, business models and mobile apps. This year, you can watch a live video feed of sessions and keynotes from TOC. Click on the videos below to keep up with …

TOC Conference Announces Speakers and Program

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By Hannah Johnson O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference has announced its preliminary list of speakers for 2011, and the program now available online as well. Featured speakers include: Margaret Atwood, Syngrafii, acting CEO Anil Dash, Expert Labs, Director Kevin Kelly, Wired, Senior Maverick Ben Huh, I Can Has Cheezburger, Chief Cheezburger Gus Balbontin, Lonely Planet, Global Innovation Manager …

From Frankfurt 2010: Paradoxes Abound at TOC Frankfurt

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By Todd Sattersten Everyone knows the past year has been one of great change for the publishing industry, but at the same time there is a growing sense of comfort. It feels like things are starting to work themselves out. Distribution of electronic books now has an ecosystem of devices and distribution points. Readers have actively adopted to new technologies. …

Skipping Steps: How Web 2.0 Technology Can Transform Our Industry (and
 our Lives)

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By Riky Stock Attending Web 2.0 at the Sheraton New York this week along with
 visionaries, marketing professionals, and web experts was like stepping
 into the future and realizing the future really isn’t that far away. 
In my version of the immediate future I imagine myself owning own a pair
 of “augmented reality visors” just like the ones I learned …

Is There a Digital Talent Emergency in Book Publishing?

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By Hannah Johnson In today’s feature story, we talk about tips to improve your online presence. The success of conferences like O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo prove that book publishing is not the only industry that needs to more digitally literate employees. Shortly after the iPad was released, Lynne Seid of Heidrick & Struggles, a leadership advisory firm, said, “there is …

Day Two at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Conference, New York

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By Hannah Johnson The second day of TOC 2010 saw an increase in attendees over 2009 and packed a full program of over 50 speakers into a single day. Speakers included experts from within the publishing community as well as people working in other areas of technology, media and business. Some of the main issues discussed at the conference included …

Day One at TOC New York

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By Hannah Johnson O’Reilly’s now industry-standard Tools of Change for Publishing conference began today in New York City with workshops focused on best practices and business opportunities for book publishers. Speakers included members of the book publishing industry as well as professionals from the mobile and video industries. Check out our video for a quick overview of the day and …

Digital Distribution Means Global, Not Local

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By Andrew Savikas, vice-president, O’Reilly Media Within a few years (or sooner) more people will read the books we publish at O’Reilly Media in digital form than in print. While it won’t happen that quickly for other publishers, it will happen. That doesn’t mean that print books will go away — it just means that publishing will be about digital …

Bonus Material: O’Reilly’s Global iPhone App Distribution Visualized

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By Edward Nawotka As Andrew Savikas argued in today’s main article, digital distribution easily breaks down borders and the focus for a sales team is global, not local. As an example of this argument, Andrew Savikas points to O’Reilly Media’s iPhone apps, which are purchased predominantly in the US, though in a higher overall proportion by overseas buyers. Savikas provided …