Should Book Fairs Mix Professionals and the Public?

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By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story looks at troubles bedeviling Paris’ annual Salon du Livre, the city’s premier book fair. One of the issues that has publishers kvetching is the fair’s lack of focus, which mixes professional events with the public. It’s an issue for many fairs — Frankfurt does it successfully, London doesn’t do it, BEA is thinking about …

What’s Bedeviling Paris’ Salon du Livre?

In Guest Contributors by Olivia Snaije

By Olivia Snaije PARIS: It should be an occasion for celebration — it’s the 30th anniversary, after all — but Paris’ Salon du Livre opens today in a climate of sniping and mudslinging. It’s “the fair we love to hate,” quipped Nicolas Gary on his literary blog, Actualitté. For years, French publishers have been complaining that the fair is neither …

French Expect E-books to Push Book Prices Down

In Global Trade Talk by Siobhan O'Leary

By Siobhan O’Leary A study conducted in France and reported in Livres Hebdo shows that 83% of French people “ignore” fixed book prices (i.e. are not aware of them) when making purchasing decisions. In fact, they think that that brick and mortar bookstores are a more expensive sales channel in comparison to online retailers when, in reality, book prices are …

Does Turning Classics into Video Games Indoctrinate Readers?

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By Edward Nawotka There’s a trend going on: We’re seeing more and more classics being turned into video games. Today’s lead story describes how Nintendo is planning to release 100 French language classics for their Nintendo DS handheld game machine (something they’ve already done in Japan and the UK). Earlier this month we saw the release of a video game …

French Classics à la Nintendo (With a Little Help from Gallimard)

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By Olivia Snaije PARIS: On March 5th, Nintendo France will release its 100 Classic Book Collection in a deal with publisher Gallimard, becoming the third country after Japan in 2007 and the UK in 2008 to make literary classics available to read on its DS portable games consoles. Gallimard’s 25,000 title-strong backlist catalog includes a great majority of France’s best …

MacBook Sleeves & Handbags That Look Like Books

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By Edward Nawotka Got a MacBook — like old books? You might be interested in this new BookBook MacBook cases that resemble, you got it, old books. Plus, and it’s too bad I didn’t see this before Valentines day, Paris designer Olympia Le-Tan has taken the covers of classic novels as the inspiration for her limited-edition clutches. Le-Tan says she …

Building the World’s Biggest Book Club

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By Kathy L. Patrick JEFFERSON, TEXAS: They say everything is bigger in Texas…and it’s true. When I opened Beauty and the Book in January 2000 — the ONLY hair salon/book store in the world — in January 2000, one of the first things I did was start my book club, The Pulpwood Queens of East Texas. We started with six complete strangers …

Video from the Paris Cookbook Fair

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by Hannah Johnson As both an exhibitor and a reporter for Publishing Perspectives, Olivia Snaije explored the first-ever Paris Cookbook Fair this year. You can read her blog post about the fair, or watch the video: httpv://

Cookbook Trade Fair Pleases the Palate

In Global Trade Talk by Olivia Snaije

By Olivia Snaije PARIS: The first edition of the Paris Cookbook Festival wrapped up on Monday with most participants judging the specialized trade fair a delicious success, barring minor complaints about lack of signage and poor heating. While for some smaller French publishers with books aimed specifically at the French market, it was less of a positive experience, the larger …