Daniel Divinsky Wins the Cultural Career Award in Buenos Aires

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By Andres Hax Daniel Divinsky, founder of Ediciones de la Flor, is one of the most respected and successful independent editors of Argentina. He has published key authors of the recent literary canon like Rodolfo Walsh, classic graphic novels including Mafalda by Quino, and various titles by Roberto Fontanarossa. At the award presentation, held on the night of the Clarin …

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The Future for Book Editors: Royalties?

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Editorial by Ann Patty For 34 years, I worked as an editor and publisher in New York publishing corporations. I was the youngest editor ever to be given her own imprint (Poseidon Press/Simon & Schuster), then went to Crown as Editorial Director, and finally to Harcourt as Executive Editor. At Harcourt I was a part time employee, publishing only five …