When Is an Ebook No Longer a Book?

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By Edward Nawotka In today’s editorial, Deborah Willis writes,”In a world where people read on electronic devices, books may become mash-ups of media, including music, video, and possibly advertising.”  Is there a point when an e-book — augmented, apped and pushing advertising — is no longer a book? Read the story and let us know what you think in comments.

Bound Books vs. Ebooks, That is Still the Question

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• Canadian author and bookseller Deborah Willis discusses the differences between bound books and e-books. • Willis argues “when books become computers, they will no longer be books.” Ultimately, she feels computers and the web are not well-suited to storytelling and diminish the experience of reading itself. Editorial by Deborah Willis VICTORIA, B.C.: The bound book is an ancient, heavy, …