Best of Publishing Perspectives 2010: Middle East and China

In Growth Markets by Hannah Johnson

Markets like China and others in the Middle East have shown that they have huge capacity for growth and can offer opportunities to Western publishing companies. In order for you to get to know these markets better, here are our top articles on China and the Middle East from 2010. China The E-reader Market in China (And Its Unique Business …

New Zealand’s Kiwa Media Pioneers Multi-lingual, Multi-media (and Maori) E-books for Children

In Digital by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka AUCKLAND: Looking for an enhanced e-book that you can read in English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian Chinese or . . . Maori? Kiwa Media, a software developer in Auckland, New Zealand has has what you need. Throughout 2010, Kiwa Media has launched some fifteen enhanced e-books for children -– dubbed QBooks –- that function like typical illustrated e-books, …

The Billion Copy Opportunity

In Guest Contributors by Guest Contributor

By Lewis Manalo CHINA: By now it’s a scene we in the West are familiar with: a swordsman or — swordswoman — makes an acrobatic leap to a stone-tiled rooftop and sets off in pursuit of a masked bandit. The swordsman leaps from roof to roof, across ridiculous distances and with such balletic grace, he seems to be on the edge …

每周回顾: 英国的“我的电子书”、加勒比小说、东京书展

In Chinese, Languages by Hannah Johnson

本周早些时候出版纵览网(Publishing Perspectives)向您奉上了多篇独家报道。如果您错过了其中任何一篇,请点击下列链接浏览。而后如果喜欢您看到的故事,请将链接推荐给您的朋友,并鼓励朋友们登陆注册获得出版纵览网站的每日更新邮件。 本周一: 《英国的‘我的电子书’吸引了DJ、玩家、南美人》关注的是英国全新免费的在线电子书出版平台。 本周二: 《麦克米伦的加勒比海之梦》介绍了麦克米伦最新的海岛小说系列,来自特立尼达西班牙港的乔安妮·盖尔·约翰逊编辑策划了该系列丛书。 本周三:《东京书展如何有助于保护版权》回顾了本年度的图书博览会。数码技术在本周开幕的此次书展上堪称王道。 本周四:《追踪之趣写就克拉丽瑟·李丝贝多传记》概述了传记作家本·摩瑟为了完成传记作品《何以驻足此世》、环游世界追寻机敏雄辩的巴西作家克拉丽瑟·李丝贝多种种经历过程中的历险与趣事。 还有不要忘记我们的…… 附赠材料 包括了如何制作精彩PPT报告的诀窍,如何向加勒比海岛民销售书籍,还有日本顶尖电子商务网站翘楚的介绍(注意:不是亚马逊网噢),此外材料还提供了能够看到本年度巴西巴拉奇(Paraty,Brazil)FLIP国际文学节的视频链接。 祝您周末愉快! (read the English version)