The Bookseller of Baghdad (Part Two)

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By Chip Rossetti Today Publishing Perspectives concludes its profile of Ibrahim Anas Al-Rajab, director of Baghdad’s legendary Al-Muthanna Library, and one of Iraq’s leading booksellers. Yesterday, Part One focused on the history of the store, from the early 20th century to 1999. Today, we pick up the story at the start of the first Gulf War in 1990 and carry …

Austria’s Blackbetty Tackles Arabic Ebooks for Phones

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by Chip Rossetti VIENNA: For Jörg Hotter, CEO of Blackbetty Mobilemedia GmbH, a Viennese company that creates the software to make texts readable on mobile phones, the future of publishing looks small. Specifically, he says, it will be the small screens on the 800 varieties of mobile devices currently on the market worldwide that will be the next step in …

الخلاصة الأسبوعية: خسارة الغلاف الخارجي، استخدام “ضمير غير العاقل” للفتيات في أفريقيا، موقع ببماتش (PubMatch) ومجلة غرانتا (Granta) تمضيان باتجاه العالمية

In Arabic, Languages by Hannah Johnson

كتبها إدوارد ناوتكا (read the English version here) في الأسبوع الماضي من شهر يونيو 2009 وضمن برنامج منظورات النشر قمنا بتغطية موضوع طباعة أغلفة الكارتوناج، وتكلمنا مع الكاتبة النيجيرية تشيماماندا نغوزي أديشي، واطلعنا على موقع ببماتش، ودرسنا التوسع الدولي لمجلة غرانتا الأدبية. وفي الأسبوع المقبل سوف نبدأ بدراسة التشعبات القانونية لدعوى ج. د. سالينغر لاوسوت ضد دار نشر نيكوتست، كما …

Kotobarabia’s Arabic E-Books Extend Borders

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By Chip Rossetti CAIRO: Most of the difficulties faced by Arabic-language book publishing stem from two basic problems: government censorship and very limited distribution. But with e-books, Ramy Habeeb, founder of the Egypt-based publisher Kotobarabia, has managed to bypass both seemingly intractable problems. As the first e-publisher devoted exclusively to Arabic-language titles, now offers over 8500 books in 31 …

New Prize Urges Arabic Kid’s Publishers to Compete

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SHARJAH: “The Arab-speaking world does not have a reading culture per se as in the West,” says Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, daughter of the ruler of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. “Parents don’t read bedtime stories to their children and there is a tendency for parents to rely on schools to give their children their first reading experience.” As …

UAE in NYC for BEA

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ABU DHABI: “It is very difficult to get American publishers to come to the United Arab Emirates,” said Beatrice Stauffer, the program manager for Kitab and The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), “That is why we’re taking our story to New York.” Stauffer is one of dozens of publishing professionals hopping Etihad or Emirates flights to New York for …

Ed Nawotka at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2009

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Publishing Perspectives editor-in-chief Ed Nawotka offers his impressions of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which took place in March 2009. SEE: A video of Chad Post, Open Letter, at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2009 EXPLORE: Information about the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair