CONTEC 2013 Session Descriptions

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« Back to CONTEC 2013 Conference Program Time & Place Session Description Speakers 8:40–9:10 Platinum I+II Keynote: Persevering in the Middle Faced with rapidly evolving customer preferences and price expectations, changes in the balance of power between publishers and intermediaries, the commoditization of content and an explosion in new business models, our industry has embarked on an epic journey in …

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CONTEC Frankfurt Conference 2013

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Premiering on Tuesday, 8 October 2013, CONTEC Frankfurt features a global roster of speakers and attendees from over 20 countries, and a programme that integrates the interests of the entire international publishing industry — trade and educational publishers, agents, techies, authors, librarians, and more. That’s what makes CONTEC the perfect pre-Frankfurt event. CONTEC goes far beyond the talking head lectures …