Indie authors and self-publishing companies are invited to Hall 6 on Saturday, October 17 for a day-long program on new developments and opportunities for self-publishers.

Self-publishing has grown around the world to become a strong and vibrant community. It has become a tradition over the last three years for international indie authors and self-publishing companies to meet up on the Saturday of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In 2015, the tradition will continue in Hall 6 — the new home of English-language exhibitors in Frankfurt. Join us for an exciting day of global learning and networking.


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International Self-Publishing and Author Program

Date: October 17, 2015
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Hot Spot Stage, Hall 6.2 D22
Price: FREE!

2015 Program and Speakers

Time Session Speakers Description
10 a.m. Digital Publishing Developments for the Independent Author Porter Anderson, Chair (The Bookseller, Porter Anderson Media)
Scott Waxman (CEO and Founder, Diversion Books, EverAfter, NYC)
Mary Cummings (Editorial Director, Diversion Books, EverAfter, NYC)
Kinga Jentetic (Publish Drive, Budapest)
Cameron Drew (Booktrack, New Zealand)
Now that you’ve written your book, what is the best way to publish it? What new tools and tech solutions are available for indie authors today? Speakers in this session will talk about best practices and new options for digital publishing.
11 a.m. The Business of Independent Publishing: IngramSpark 101 Robin Cutler (Senior Independent Publisher Manager, IngramSpark) When leaning on the right tool set, indie publishers can have it all – integrated “e” and “p” publishing solutions from one platform, access to global distribution and comprehensive support and reporting tools. In this how-to session, learn how you can publish print and digital content with ease using IngramSpark and capitalize on Ingram’s worldwide distribution reach.
12 p.m. New Reader-Recommendation Technology for Authors’ Outreach Porter Anderson, Chair (The Bookseller, Porter Anderson Media)
James Bryant (CEO, Trajectory, Boston)
Scott Beatty (CCO, Trajectory, Boston)
After writing a great book, the next most important thing indie authors need to do is find readers. In this session, speakers will talk about how technology can enable readers and indie authors to connect, and how indie authors can promote their writing with emerging platforms.
1 p.m. Maximizing Your Global Sales With Kobo Mark Lefebvre (Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations, Kobo) The rise of digital distribution in the recent years has brought a major change in the publishing industry all around the world. Indie authors now have a real opportunity to publish and sell their books worldwide to reach success. In this session learn all you need to know about international distribution, foreign markets and self-publishing to thrive in the global marketplace.
2 p.m. Bringing the World To Your Work: International Rights Orna Ross, Chair (Alliance of Independent Authors, London)
Tom Chalmers (IPR Licence, London)
others TBA
It can be a challenge for indie authors to sell foreign rights to their titles, particularly the rights business is dominated by the traditional publishing. But there are options for indie authors to find publishers and readers abroad. Here, speakers outline how authors can get started selling their rights and what they need to know to be successful.
3 p.m. New Approaches to Content and Publicity for Self-Publishing Dai Qin (Product Director, Douban Read, China) Young Chinese readers today are looking for international, digital content from foreign authors. Chinese self-publishing platform Douban Read offers a unique opportunity for international self-publishers and translators to reach Chinese readers in their native language. Douban’s existing network of 7,000 authors and 1,000 translators collaborate to translate, publish and market e-books in Chinese.
4 p.m. Networking Reception Connect with indie authors and self-publishing service providers. Light refreshments will be served.