Publishing Perspectives, the trade magazine of the Frankfurt Book Fair, will again organize a 4-day stage program during the Fair to highlight global trends, business opportunities, and leading voices in publishing. Our 2014 line-up includes up-and-coming influencers in publishing, established innovators and industry leaders. Hear about new business models, tech platforms, rights and licensing updates, and more.

View each day’s exciting program below:

Publishing Perspectives Stage 2014
Where: Hall 8.0, B170, Frankfurt Book Fair
When: Wed, October 8 – Sat, October 11
Price: Free for Frankfurt Book Fair attendees
Innovation Partner:

Stage Schedule 2014

Hall 8.0, B170

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time Title Description Speakers
10:00-10:30 Translation Nation A discussion with two of America’s newest independent literary publishers focusing exclusively on work in translation. Will Evans of Deep Vellum and Michael Wise of New Vessel Press discuss the changing landscape for translation in America, what they’re looking for, what they’ve found, and how they are reaching readers. Moderated by CLMP executive director Jeffrey Lependorf. Will Evans (Publisher, Deep Vellum), Michael Wise (Co-Founder, New Vessel Press), Jeffrey Lependorf (Executive Director, Council of Literary Magazines and Presses)
10:30-11:00 How Karma and Cooperation Boost Self-Publishing Now in its 2nd generation, books from the self-published market are often solid works of literature and nonfiction that rival those from publishers. Indie service providers have created new cooperative channels, and together we usher authors through the full book cycle to get their professional works in the hands of readers. The gatekeepers are gone, new voices emerge, and the market is exploding! Nancy Baumann (President, Bookarma)
11:00-11:30 Fight for Copyright: How Publishing Can Show Support IFRRO and a panel of industry thought leaders present a stimulating session on why anti-copyright champions have come to dominate the discussion on intellectual property in many creative industries and among consumers. Is it too late for publishers to reclaim this debate? What steps can the industry take to make the case for copyright and not cede the debate to Silicon Valley? IFRRO
11:30-12:00 Enter the Chinese Publishing Market with CNPIEC Learn the newest trends and industry figures from China. How do you enter the Chinese market? What would be your first steps? Experts from the Beijing International Book Fair will share the latest information. China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation
12:00-12:30 CNPeReading – Digital Gateway to China At launch, CNPeReading included 200,000 individual book titles from more than 300 international publishers, extending their reach into the rapidly growing Chinese market and attracting new readers to digest their academic content for the very first time. China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation
12:30-13:00 Discovering & Developing Talent in a Connected World Finding and publishing debut authors are the grist of any publishers’ mill. While it can be time and labor intesive, it can reap major rewards and revenues. How does one discover them in today’s noisy plethora of online platforms? Rising Stars Lambert and Donovan will share their experiences and methodologies for discovering new voices Philippa Donovan (Founder, Smart Quill Editorial), Sophie Lambert (Literary Agent, Conville & Walsh), moderated by Mark Dressler
13:00-13:30 Reach Your Next 100M Customers – Partner with the News Partnering with News organizations can help you reach readers on a whole new scale. News has weekly relationships with 200M+ readers in the US & 3.1B+ globally, and those readers buy books. Join this panel of news, publishing, & digital distribution experts from Tribune Company, HarperCollins, & Page Foundry as they discuss exactly what it takes to create a profitable News/Publisher relationship. Dan McFarland (CEO, Page Foundry) Amy Carr (Development Editor, Chicago Tribune), HarperCollins, moderated by Kristen McLean (CEO, Bookigee)
13:30-14:00 Publishing Automation: Create 30 Formats with 1 Click Find out how to turn a single MS Word, Google Docs or XML document into multiple beautifully-designed publications with 1 click. Learn how other publishers successfully automate digital and print production within a streamlined workflow that saves time without compromising quality or breaking the budget. See a live demonstration of the unique software making this possible: Typefi Publish. Chandi Perera (CEO, Typefi Systems)
14:00-14:30 Consumer Insight & Global Research: Predictive Analysis Big Data has shifted to mean more than just “discoverability” and now includes a myriad of consumer insights that aid publishers in targeting their customers. Join these two stars with fresh views on publishing while they detail their mission of data mining and interpretation and what it allows publishers to actually do better Louisa Livingston (Head of Consumer Insight, Hachette UK), David Nygren (Director, Market Insights, Global Research, Wiley), moderated by Mark Dressler
14:30-15:00 The Big Debate: Mobile Phone Reading Publishing Technology has commissioned research into consumer adoption of mobile phones for book reading in the UK and the US. The research will provide insights into how many consumers are currently reading books on their mobile phones, which platforms are the most popular and what are the most common barriers that prevent more widespread mobile book reading. Publishing Technology
15:00-15:30 How to Successfully Publish Apps Across the World Let’s go global! German publisher Bastei Luebbe discusses their approach to successfully publishing apps, e-books, and audio books all over the world. Bastei Luebbe
15:30-16:00 How Grove Atlantic Gets its Groove Join Morgan Entreken, Grove’s president and publisher of independent literary powerhouse Grove/Atlantic. Entrekin will share his thoughts on striking rights deals, expanding Grove’s stable of literary talent that includes such notables as Jim Harrison, and on trends he foresees as inevitable. In the end we’ll discover if Entreken still believes if Frankfurt is still all about alcohol and cigarettes. Morgan Entrekin (President and Publisher, Grove/Atlantic Books), in conversation with Mark Dressler.
16:00-16:30 Beautiful Books: The Importance of Good Design An insider’s take on the importance of making books look beautiful, and how the role of designers today have changed along with the suite of digital tools at their dosposal. James Jones (Senior Designer, Penguin Random House UK), in conversation with Mark Dressler
16:30-17:00 Digital Content for The Next Generation Get to know first impressions of a TigerCreate user and explore insights of digital children’s book production without limits of interactivity and fascinating animations. Be inspired by wonderful scenes, amazing sound integrations and an easy handling of a digital authoring tool. Andreas von Lepel (CTO/Leitung App Entwicklung, Verlag Friedrich Oetinger), Andrew Rushton (Assistant Publisher, NordSüd Verlag)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Time Title Description Speakers
10:00-10:30 Small Shops: Big Books A discussion with two independent literary publishers with impressive catalogs including books that have garnered some of America’s most prestigious literary awards: Bruce McPherson of McPherson & Co. and Erika Goldman of Bellevue Literary Press. How do these small presses accomplish so much with such limited resources? Moderated by executive director Jeffrey Lependorf. Bruce McPherson (Publisher, McPherson & Co), Erika Goldman (Publisher, Bellevue Literary Press), Jeffrey Lependorf (Executive Director, Council of Literary Magazines and Presses)
10:30-11:00 New Publishing Models to Promote Established Publishing Values Julia Kingsford and John Bond share a unique perch from which they focus their lens on emerging publishing models. This discussion will focus on models that enhance the established business processes rather than the disintermediation of them. John Bond (Head of Publishing Strategy, Whitefox), Julia Kingsford (Founder, Kingsford Campbell), Mark Dressler.
11:00-11:30 Publishing Educational Material in Indonesia Best practices in the world’s fourth largest nation regarding educational material in both publishing and distribution. Anna Rimba Phoa from Mentari Books, a long-time expert in this field, will share experiences and best practices for this new emerging market. Anna Rimba Phoa (Managing Director, Mentari Books), in conversation with Claudia Kaiser (Frankfurt Book Fair)
11:30-12:00 Thrilling Bestseller Rights as a Business Investment A new approach for publishers. I Remes, the #1 Bestselling Finnish author of the century declined global translation deals until now. Don’t just buy rights: invest in a brand, a steady supply of proven page-turners, modified for international readers with Finnish originality. These absorbing thrillers, combining investigative journalism and high concept narrative, are in English! Stand at 5.0 A92. Jussi Keinonen (Director, I Remes), Dr. Ari Hiltunen (Director, Mind Control Ltd)
12:00-12:30 Big Data: Mining the Equity Hiding In Your List Discussion to focus on how knowing what engages readers, not just what they purchased, can unlock important business intelligence and revenue opportunities for publishers. A white paper will be released at the Fair. Michael Tamblyn (President & Chief Content Officer, Kobo), Mark Dressler
12:30-13:00 Betting on the Future of Books: Ingram’s Next Chapter The once quiet intermediary through which all physical books flowed has been continually reinvented and acquired entities that have allowed them to remain vital in our connected world. Chairman John Ingram will share what he foresees as opportunities for Ingram and all industry stakeholders in our our landscape of coninuing mergers and acquisitions. John Ingram (Chairman and CEO, Ingram Content Group), in conversation with Mark Dressler
13:00-13:30 Kids Publishing: Nuances of the Australian Market Gain the Inside perspective of what is currently working – and what is not – in the Australian children’s marketplace. Zoe Walton (Publisher – Children’s and Young Adult Books, Random House Australia), in conversation with Mark Dressler
13:30-14:00 Organizing Publishing Structures Around the Consumer Learn how Philip Kisray, VP of International Development at Wiley, steered a new course for Wiley’s organizational strucure to reflect a more consumer-focused entiity. Philip Kisray (VP International Development, Wiley), in conversation with Mark Dressler
14:00-14:30 Children’s Books and Book Markets: What’s Hot Following the Penguin Random House merger, global business opportunities for PRH are larger, as are the stakes. Marcus will talk candidly on where her attentions lie as well as what is drawing her attentions with respect to global opportunities for the backlist and new releases. Barbara Marcus (President and Publisher, Children’s Division, Random House), in conversation with Mark Dressler
14:30-15:00 Memory and Storytelling: Selja Ahava and Markus Nummis Finnish authors Markus Nummi (Suhrkamp Inse/Jette Heger) and Selja Ahava (mare/Stephanie Haack) write books that seem to very different, but are both beautiful reflections about memories and the birth of storytelling. Join this literary discussion, moderated by Mark Dressler Selja Ahava (author), Markus Nummi (author), in conversation with Mark Dressler
15:00-15:30 The Effect of Piracy Protection in Book Publishing Digitization has impacted media industries by lowering the cost of distributing cultural goods. With the option to download these creative works legally, however, comes the possibility of doing so illegally. By comparing sales of similar book titles with and without Digimarc’s piracy protection, we can examine the effects of the illegal distribution on regular book sales. Imke Reimers, (Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern University) Devon Weston (‎Senior Manager, Business Development, Digimarc)
15:30-16:00 Publishing Tools for Real People How do we create an environment in which publishing teams can do what they do best? Answers include designing tools and workflows so that they are as efficient and easy to use as possible, and allowing skilled workers to spend their time on the tasks that require human skill. It also means continuing to examine those workflows and tools as our outputs change. Michael Kowalski (CEO and Founder, Contentment), John Pettigrew (CEO and Founder, Cambridge Publishing Solutions)
16:00-16:30 German-Language Literature in the Anglophone World Having a work translated into English has always been considered a great success for German-language authors. Yet only about three percent of all new releases of fiction in the UK are translations, in the USA even less. What is the current status of German literature in the Anglophone world? Has it changed in the last years? And how can we promote German literature in English-speaking countries? Katharina Bielenberg (Associate Publisher, MacLehose Press), Charlotte Ryland (Editor, new books in german), Daniel Slager (Publisher, Milkweed Editions, Riky Stock (Director, German Book Office NY), Bernd Zabel
16:30-17:00 Sourcing the Crowd: Publishing Unbound Philip Jones, editor of The Bookseller Magazine in the UK, talks to Dan Kieran and Isobel Frankish of the successful crowdfunding company, Unbound. Philip Jones (Editor, The Bookseller), Dan Kieran (CEO and Co-Founder, Unbound), Isobel Frankish (Managing Editor, Unbound)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Time Title Description Speakers
10:00-10:30 Mission Transition CLMP executive director Jeffrey Lependorf interviews Chris Fischbach, publisher of Coffee House Press on what it means to be handed the reins from a founding publisher of a well-established house. How do you maintain continuity and legacy while making your mark? What big changes might we expect at one of America’s most beloved independent literary presses? Chris Fischbach (Publisher, Coffee House Press), Jeffrey Lependorf (Executive Director, Council of Literary Magazines and Presses)
10:30-11:00 Entering Asian Markets Successfully! Hosted by the Taipei International Book Fair, this panel will assemble renowned experts from Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. They’ll present the best ways to enter into business with the Asian book markets, with a special focus on the Chinese-language markets. Eric Yang (President, Asia Pacific Publishers Association), Linden Lin (Publisher, Linking Publishing), Trasvin Jittidecharak (Publisher, Silkworm Books)
11:00-11:30 The Digital Pulse in Educational Publishing Join two Rising stars Kjell Eldor, Blackwell’s Learning, and Matthias Ick, Macmillan Digital Education, as they discuss the future of educational publishing. Kjell Eldor (Digital Publishing Manager, Blackwell Learning UK), Matthias Ick (Managing Director,Macmillan Digital Education), moderated by Mark Dressler
11:30-12:00 Insights for Better Sales in a Challenging Gulf Find out how to achieve better sales in the education field, with new insights and perspectives for a promising but at the same time challenging market: The Gulf countries. Bill Kennedy (Director, Avicenna Partnership), Claudia Kaiser (Frankfurt Book Fair)
12:00-12:30 Foreign Rights: What’s Hot in Eastern Europe & the Far East Ola Gotkowska, Nosy Crow Rights Executive and 2014 Rising Star, presided over an 34% surge in rights sales in her first year. Discover how she achieved these impressive results within particular territories using a combination of sub-agents. Ola Gotkowska (Rights Executive, Nosy Crow), in conversation with Mark Dressler
12:30-13:00 Finland’s Undiscovered Authors An insider’s take on Finland’s literary scene and the emerging voices that may prefigure in rights-hungry publishers in other markets. Finland the 2014 Guest of Honour country at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Tiia Stranden (Head of Literature Programme, FILI), in conversation with Mark Dressler
13:00-13:30 One of Our Own: Book Exec to Bestselling Author As of this writing, Ananth’s PLAY WITH ME rocketed to #10 on India’s bestseller list in only three weeks post publication. Today, the Penguin VP’s first book has him in company with E. L. James’s meteoric rise of Fifty Shades of Grey. Ananth will share his authorial and industry perspective on what surely is a roller coaster of a ride Ananth Padmanabhan (Senior Vice President, Sales, Penguin Random House India), in conversation with Mark Dressler
13:30-14:00 Meet the Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky Dmitry Glukhovsky is the Russian author whose novel, METRO 2033, was published for free on his website in 2002 and then became an interactive experiment, drawing in over 3m readers worldwide. Dmitry will talk about his work as an author and journalist. Dmitry Glukhovsky (Author)
14:00-14:30 Global Publishing: A Bird’s Eye View What is happening in publishing markets around the world and where are the most promising opportunities for international collaboration emerging? Ed Nawotka and Mark Dressler will offer a broad look at what’s happening in book publishing around the world. Edward Nawotka (Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Perspectives), in conversation with Mark Dressler
14:30-15:00 Princeton University Press: Extending the Global Reach Princeton University Press Director, Peter Dougherty, will focus on Princeton’s continuing efforts to gain a greater stronghold in the global public discourse via newer initiatives like Princeton Shorts and others that allow them to deliver their rich scholarly content at a fraction of traditional costs. Peter Dougherty (Director, Princeton University Press), in conversation with Mark Dressler
15:00-15:30 The Effect of Piracy Protection in Book Publishing Digitization has impacted media industries by lowering the cost of distributing cultural goods. With the option to download these creative works legally, however, comes the possibility of doing so illegally. By comparing sales of similar book titles with and without Digimarc’s piracy protection, we can examine the effects of the illegal distribution on regular book sales. Imke Reimers, (Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern University) Devon Weston (‎Senior Manager, Business Development, Digimarc)
15:30-16:00 Author: How Do You Best Care For Your Aged Loved Ones? Are you ready to find out how to ease the transition to aged care for all your family? How do you make it work for everyone? How to manage all your caring responsibilities and still have a life? A life all your family deserves. Tough…Tough Times…Tough Decisions eases the transition to aged care for all the family by focusing on the emotions and providing advice whilst sharing our journey. Rita Merienne (Author), Yvonne Heitz (Author)

Saturday, October 11, 2014
The program on Saturday is dedicated to self-publishing as part of Frankfurt’s new International Self-Publishing and Author Program.

Time Title Description Speakers
10:00-10:30 Trends in Global Self-Publishing As the self-publishing movement grows around the world, what international opportunities exist for indie authors looking to work with global partners and find readers around the world? Edward Nawotka, editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives, presents a broad look at the development of self-publishing around the world and what international trends authors should watch. Edward Nawotka (Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Perspectives)
10:30-11:00 Self-Publishing Process: Step-By-Step Best Practices Self-publishing is a multi-step process that requires advance planning and consideration in order to see success. This expert discussion will address how authors can structure this process in order to get the most out of their work. She’ll talk about how to set goals for each step of your journey, track your progress and measure success. Alison Baverstock (Associate Professor of Publishing, Publishing, Kingston University)
11:00-12:00 From Start to Success: Learn to Self-Publish with NOOK Press In spring NOOK Press launched internationally, bringing independent authors and publishers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium a new way to reach millions of book-loving customers in the US and UK. What does it take to launch a book at NOOK Press? In this one hour workshop we’ll go over the steps to self-publishing and marketing your work – and reaching new readers. Julia Coblentz (Senior Marketing Manager, NOOK)
12:00-12:30  Marketing for Self-Published Authors Marketing is an important element in the self-publishing process. What steps can you take to stand out from the crowd and effectively spread the word about your work? What does it mean to engage with readers online? Experts share their insights and experience on how to effectively market your books. Lynn Isenberg (Author), Joanna Penn (Author), Victoria Sutherland (Publisher, Foreword Reviews), moderated by Alison Baverstock
12:30-13:00 Authoright: Every Author Needs an A-Team Just because you’ve decided to self-publish doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Authors have a number of resources and experts available to them. Gareth Howard and Hayley Radford from Authoright discuss how authors can work with professional teams on everything from editorial to sales, marketing to design and more. Gareth Howard (CEO and Co-Founder, Authoright), Hayley Radford (Director of Marketing and Co-Founder, Authoright)
13:00-13:30 Mini-Ignite! Session on Self-Publishing Start-ups Around the world, more tools and services for authors are launching. This mini-Ignite! session highlights three up-and-coming start-ups working in self-publishing. Get to know these new platforms and connect with the founders in person. Moderated by Publishing Perspectives editor-in-chief, Edward Nawotka., Reedsy, Upspringer, moderated by Edward Nawotka
13:30-14:30 Self-Publishing Success with Kobo Writing Life In this session, Kobo Writing Life’s European Manager Camille Mofidi will cover the fundamentals of Digital Self-Publishing and share key elements on how to start and grow an international audience as an independent author with Kobo’s self-publishing platform, Kobo Writing Life. Camille Mofidi (European Manager, Kobo Writing Life)
14:30-15:00 Author Success Stories Not every author takes the same path to success — and success isn’t the same for every author. This session explores what it means to be a success, and how different authors achieve their goals. Be inspired by paths that others have taken to publishing their work. Kit Berry (Author), Dmitry Glukhovsky (Author), Orna Ross (Founder, Alliance of Independent Authors), moderated by Alison Baverstock
15:00-15:30 Translation and Foreign Rights for Self-Publishers The self-publishing movement is gaining momentum around the world, and new, international opportunities for indie authors are emerging. This includes translation, selling foreign rights, and marketing your book in other countries. In this session, experts will discuss what self-published authors can do to increase their international reach and find new audiences for their books. Matthias Matting (Journalist and Author), Book Case Literary Agency, moderated by Alison Baverstock
15:30-16:00 A Roadmap, The ABCs Of Bringing Books to Market The writers of today are looking for cost effective ways to bring books to market while gaining efficiencies in warehousing, print, and global distribution. In this session presented by IngramSpark, an overview of leading independent publishing tools will be reviewed that allow publishers to expertly manage print and digital content, gain easy access to worldwide distribution channels and review sales activity from one comprehensive platform. Robin Cutler (Senior Manager, Independent Authors, Ingram Content Group)
16:00-17:00 Drinks and networking reception RSVP here!

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