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Thomas Minkus

Thomas Minkus is VP of English Language Markets for the Frankfurt Book Fair. Based in the Book Fair’s New York City office, he spearheads the company’s activities in the fields of digital and mobile publishing, as well as new rights initiatives. In addition, he is responsible for Fair’s exhibitors and customers in all English-languages markets and those from the STM and education sectors. Thomas is also one of the co-founders of Publishing Perspectives. An online publishing newsletter, Publishing Perspectives delivers daily international news and opinion about the industry from top members of the global publishing community. Prior to joining the Fair in 2003, he worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for Learn Technologies, an educational publishing and technology company in New York City.

Face Time

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Editorial by Thomas Minkus, VP, Frankfurt Book Fair NEW YORK: We in the publishing community tend to take book fairs for granted: dreading the preparation and extra work, facing questions about how much time and resources are necessary to attend, arranging for time away from the home and office. Only unforeseen events that disrupt our attendance, like 9/11 or the …

Bonus Material: Trading the MacBook for a Netbook

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by Thomas Minkus, Guest Correspondent My personal computer of choice is a MacBookPro, which I love. Apple does it right, which means my MacBook never crashes and does everything I need it to do. Unfortunately it is so heavy that I dread taking it on trips. For a few months now, I have had my eyes set on the ultra …